Should Abortion Be Legal?

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The formal definition of abortion is the termination of pregnancy. It is usually performed in the first three months of pregnancy. There are many reasons women want to perform an abortion. One of the most common reason is some time people are not ready to raise a child yet. Some people oppose abortion because they think abortion denies the baby’s right to life. Abortion is a controversial issue because it has to do with the right to life. There are people for it and people against it. Abortion is an issue that should be discussed nowadays, since it is debatable. I believe abortion should be legal for various reasons. One reason that abortion should be legal is that families need to prepare before having a child, and unintended pregnancy is less likely to provide a good growing environment for the child. Giving birth to baby is an important stage in women’s life. It needs a lot of “consideration, preparation and planning” (Should Abortion Be Legal?) Raising a child is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of time, patience, and money. If a woman wants to have a baby, she would need to prepare herself. In order to have a healthy child, parents should be prepared, happy and welcoming about the child. For example, before the pregnancy, the parents of the child should have talked with each other and make a plan to have the child. If one side is unhappy about the child, it is very likely to lead to the domestic violence. Even after the birth, parents are very likely to abuse the child. In addition to that, parents need to make up a plan before giving birth to the child, especially the women. They need to eat some foods or medicines of highly nutritious value, which gives them a healthier body to prepare for birth. Also make a plan f... ... middle of paper ... ...months of pregnancy, the baby has no organs; it is just a mix of simple cells. The US law accepts the “conventional medical wisdom that a fetus become viable at the start of the last third of pregnancy, the third trimester, sometime between the 24th and 28th week(a pregnancy usually lasts 38 weeks)”(Foer). Before a fetus become viable, abortion cannot be considered murder. The fetus is not an independent life that can live on its own without other’s support. Children are not independent according to the concept of living on their own. Children do not have the ability to live without being taken of. However, their body can perform basic life functions. They can breathe, eat and drink. A fetus has no organ or anything that can perform a life function. It needs to get nutrients and support from the mother’s body to develop the basic life functions they need to survive.

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