Late-Term Abortion is Wrong

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Late-term abortion is a very controversial method to abort the baby after the twentieth week of gestation. There are many different grotesque procedures to perform it. These kinds of abortions are contradicted by many religions and morals of people. Late-term abortions almost devastate some mothers because they have spent so much time being pregnant and making an emotional connection with the baby. Some believe this to be murder and inhumane. Late-term abortion should be made illegal because it is morally wrong on many different standards of the American society.

There are many reasons why late-term abortion can be considered immoral. Around the twentieth week of gestation, the baby is practically already formed (Jacobson), and it is usually considered a person by then. This would make it seem that you’re killing a baby, which is not morally right to the standards of the American society because it is an innocent person. Most believe that the fetus is considered as a person at either conception or the first trimester, and this would mean that you’re violating their rights to live by getting a late-term abortion. Also, mothers carry the baby in their womb for so long, and to get rid of it is wrong on so many levels.

In the mainstream Christianity, abortions are not considered in the bible, but it is not viewed as something good. However, the Catholic and Orthodox Church oppose late-term abortion in almost any situations. Hinduism has many varied views towards it, but the original and traditional text condemns elective abortions. In the Islamic faith, late-term abortion is not permissible because it is over four months of pregnancy. Sikhism interdicts late-term abortion because it states that people shall not interfere in the...

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...ould not be looked down upon.

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