Sexual Education in Schools

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Sexual education is very strong subject that should be taught in public schools. It is essential in everyday life to know the dangers involving sex and the diseases associated with it. Sexual education is a very controversial subject in the United States. There are many religions that think it is unrighteous to teach students about such a strong subject, especially if it involves fornication. Todays youth is unaware that it is very easy to contract diseases and having accidental pregnancies when having sex.
In today’s society, sexual education is a very strong subject. Todays youth has no awareness of the possible dangers involving sex because it isn’t a very strong subject taught in public schools. People are unaware that they can contract diseases while performing sex. Twelve million people are infected with STDs every year (Lickona). If sex education were taught properly, these statistics would more than likely decrease.
Our youth needs to be educated and filled with knowledge about sexual intercourse and why it is dangerous. A large amount of our youth is already sexually active. These numbers will continue to increase if nothing is done. Among high school students, fifty-four percent say they have had sexual intercourse (Lickona). The number of ninth graders who say they have already had sex is forty percent(Lickona). Our youth is putting themselves in a very dangerous position by having sex.
Public schools should at least have contraceptives available for their students if nothing is being done. Although condoms do not make sex physically safe, they will decrease the number of STDs and teen pregnancies in our youth population. Our youth also needs to know that condoms aren’t always safe. Condoms have a ten percent annual fa...

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...cent of parents of junior high and high school students think that it is important for sex education to be a topic taught in school. One hundred percent of parents of junior high school students agree that HIV/AIDS is an appropriate topic for sex education. Sexual education is a very strong subject, and should be taught all over the world so that everyone is aware of the dangers and diseases.

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