Sex education in schools

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Sex education is needs to be taught in our school to inform and teach the safety of sex. If you were to ask a student,” how are baby’s made”, the answer would be sex, but is that answer really true or is there much more to it. There is so much more that our high school students need to learn about sexual activity. If sex education was taught it could prevent teen pregnancy, disease, and safety. Although some parents do not want the children to be taught about sex at their age we can inform them what were teaching and maybe persuade them to agree.
In the U.S. only a few states allow schools to teach sex education. Only 22 states in America that are public school teach about sex education. Only 33 states require students receive instruction about HIV/AIDS. In our state (California) we do not require sex ed. to be taught. If a state does not require sex education to be taught that dosent mean a school cant teach it, it just need to follow the guidelines. Sex education allowed to be taught from K-12 but why are we not being taught. Why is that were required to learn about hiv/aids but not sex ed. Our students need to be taught
My personal thought is if sex education is taught we are able to lessen the chances of pregnancy. Each year almost 750,000 U.S. woman aged 15-19 become pregnant. That is about 7% or 68:1,000 woman each year. 3 out of 10 girls will pbe pregnant before there20 birthday. After age 15 is when the pregnancies are more common, so that will be a good age to teach about sex education. 82 % of teen pregnancies are unplanned and for every 5 teen pregnancies one was planned. If we don’t start teaching our students about sex the numbers will increase. Only 59 percent of pregnancies of age 15-19 end ...

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...f the sexuality active population. These numbers will go down if sex ed. would teach our kids about the safe way to do it.
No matter what teens are going to have sex, its in the human nature, but what are we going to do to protect them from having safe sex. Sex education is brought of a topic as a bad thing, but if teens are being taught about there body in a specific way how is that bad. I am all for sex education and should be taught in all of our school in America.

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