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    Why people do not use condoms Many men and women prefer unprotected intercourse or using another contraceptive method rather than using a condom. Among currently married women of reproductive age, only 5 percent use condoms for contraception worldwide, and only 3 percent in less developed regions of the world, according to United Nations estimates of contraceptive use. In this chapter we a re going to analyze or try to explain why some people don’t use condoms. In order to do this, we used some

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    Outline Worksheet TOPIC: Condoms ORGANIZATION PATTERN: Chronological and Topical SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform PRIMARY AUDIENCE OUTCOME (I want my audience to...): Learn how to effectively use a condom and in turn, practice safe sex. THESIS STATEMENT (A single declarative statement that captures the essence/theme of the speech): If used correctly, condoms can be one of the most effect forms of contraception and can prevent most sexually transmitted diseases. Introduction ATTENTION GETTER: I’m not

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    Condoms The word condom is probably derived from Latin "condus" meaning receptacle. Another explanation is that the gut condom was invented by the English army doctor Colonel Quondam in around 1645 and that the word is a corruption of his name. We do not know who invented condoms, but we do know that they were in use. There is evidence of this in the writings of Marquis de Sade, Casanova and James Boswell. The latter, a Scottish lawyer and writer, protected himself against sexually transmitted

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    When one thinks of locations condoms are regularly distributed, the following places quickly come to mind: high school sex education classes, college and university campuses, and centers like Planned Parenthood. However, there may be one more site to add to this list – prisons. There is currently a debate across the nation about whether or not state and federally funded prisons should provide inmates with condoms. Some some believe it would keep prisoners safe by effectively helping to prevent the

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    has demonstrated that consistent condom use is an effective way to prevent the transmission of HIV and other STDs and in the prevention of pregnancy. Analyses of the Urban Institute’s National Survey of Adolescent Males (NSAM) show that although most sexually experienced teenage males have used condoms at least once, many do not use them consistently. Only 35 percent reported using a condom every time they had sex in the past year. But teenage males use condoms more than older men, and between 1979

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    The Condom Distribution Debate The topic of condom distribution in public schools has caused many heated debates throughout our country in the last decade. Proponents of distribution state that free condom distribution will ensure that teenagers will practice safe sex and that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy will decline. Opponents of distribution state that free condom distribution will encourage sexual activity and foster the idea that premarital sex is acceptable.

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    Women condoms is a contraceptive product created from a thin latex rubber, which is inserted into a woman's vagina before sexual actions. Women condoms are used inside the vagina to avert semen reaching the womb. Women condoms aid to prevent the man’s sperm to reach one of the females’ eggs by putting the egg and also sperm away from each other or perhaps by preventing egg creation in the female body; by holding the male's sperm inside the condom and also out of the vagina. Once applied properly

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    How to Use a Condom Correctly, Teen Using a condom correctly and consistently is important for preventing pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Condoms work by blocking contact with bodily fluids that can result in pregnancy or spread infection. This is called the barrier method. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONDOMS? There are both male and female condoms. A male condom is a thin sheath that fits over an erect penis. Male condoms can be made from different materials

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    The Importance of Using a Condom In a recent study performed at the University of New Orleans by Dr. Bruce M. King, only 20% of men reported using a condom consistently, while only 50% reported using protection with a new partner. The results of condom use or lack there of is clear: ? 2/3 of all STIs occur in people 25 years of age or younger ? By the age of 24, 1 in 3 sexually active people will have contracted an STI ? In 2000, 15- to 19-year-old women had the highest rate of gonorrhea

  • Advertising Durex Condoms in Egypt

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    sector. Condoms are the most used form of contraception in Egypt for un married couples. It is almost impossible to calculate the social marketing effect of condoms because of the above reason. Egypt there is one pharmacy for every 4,000 people meaning that the probability of accessing a condom is difficult. 5.Preliminary Marketing Plan: 1 ) The Marketing Plan : A ) Marketing Objectives : Targeted Market : We are segmenting the market following the Mass Customization because condom is a

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    Against Condoms in School Debate Paper USING CONDOMS IN SCHOOL – CLEARLY NOT A GOOD PLAN In a large amount of schools across America, this has become a disturbing trend. Schools are handing out condoms to kids. This is wrong on so many fronts that I cannot even begin to name them. The fact that people argue this fact astounds me. I cannot believe this action was even considered. I will name a few points that I believe are the most prominent and powerful arguments for my case. Firstly, the

  • Condoms and the Illusion of Safe Sex

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    into. In the same way, people today assume that, as long as they are careful and use a condom, sexual intercourse is safe – so safe that in many places condoms are offered for free to students. It is undeniable that people will pay for it. Condoms should not be handed out in high schools because this action helps create the illusion that condoms make sexual intercourse safe. When students are offered free condoms and told that it will protect them, they are encouraged to engage in sexual activity.

  • Case Study on Aids and Condoms

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    Case Study on Aids and Condoms The AIDS virus is spreading rapidly throughout India and Brazil. Due to the differences in culture and political policies, these two countries are attacking the AIDS epidemic problem in two totally different ways. On one hand, Brazil plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars for teaching public AIDS awareness mainly to married women and Carnival goers. In comparison, India's government has identified specific targets of their society in order to reach the

  • Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools

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    Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools Coinciding with the onslaught of the new millennium, schools are beginning to realize that the parents are not doing their job when it comes to sexual education. The school system already has classes on sexual education; these classes are based mainly on human anatomy. Most schools do not teach their students about relationships, morals, respect, self-discipline, self-respect, and most importantly contraceptives. Everyday students engage in sexual

  • Should Colleges Have Condom Dispensers In The Restroom?

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    has decided to have condom dispensers in all of the restrooms. In doing so, students will be protected against sexual transmitted diseases like AIDS and have easy access in acquiring a condom. Also, it will provide a much safer and healthier environment for the entire college campus. I believe installing condom dispensers in all of the restroom is a good decision by the college administration because it can protect against sexual transmitted diseases, easy access in getting condoms, and a much

  • Pros And Cons Of Condom Dispensers In Schools

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    Camden County College has installed condom dispensers throughout the campus, this decision has created a controversy thought the campus. The decision was made to combat the STD epidemic spread through college age young adults. However, any of the opposition’s claims are simply based on preference; installing the condom dispensers was a good decision. Both sides can agree that any couple participating in intercourse that isn’t looking to conceive should use a condom, but whether it should be distributed

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    Placing condom dispensers on campus ruinous like a great decision at first. But how does it make the college look? Yes, protecting the students from diseases is important. Or is it too personable for the college to get involved into their students personal life. I disagree, with the college’s decision to set dispenser in the bathrooms on campus. Intercourse is a sensitive and confrontational decision; most people don’t like to discuss that part of their life. With a decision like this, it can cause

  • Marketing Condoms to Teens is Ethical and Necessary

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    Is it ethical to market condoms to teenagers? Advertising catches the attention of everyone – both young and old – but seeking to “feast” on the most vulnerable – the young. With the young seeking adventure and wanting to learn and become experienced, they are captured by everything they see and hear, whether the information is ethical or unethical. Over the years, sex has become an important part of the media through advertising and sales in a world where sex is important. According to the American

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    in danger. There are a couple ways people can prevent themselves from STD's. The first way is by practicing abstinence (not having sex). I am not saying people have to practice abstinence, but it is one of the ways. A second way is by the use of condoms, but only when used correctly. In an article titled, "1993 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines" from the Journal of School Health, it lists some recommendations of... ... middle of paper ... ...meone is infected or not. People need

  • AIDS and STD Education

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    infection. The survey was designed by myself . The purpose of the survey is to measure participants awareness of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. I am trying to show that people are not well informed about subjects such as condom use, condom use and alcohol, transmission of sexual diseases, and the magnitude of the AIDS problem. Subjects are asked to choose the level with which they agree or disagree with each statement. There are two levels of agreement and two levels of