Sex Education in the United States

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How does sex education affect teen pregnancy and the AIDs epidemic, and how is it tolerated in schools? For many years sex education in schools has been a controversial topic in the United States. Sex education in schools is highly debated because some think it encourages students to engage in sexual behaviors that can lead to a STD or teen pregnancy.The AIDs epidemic was one reason sex education became mandatory in many states. The younger the students receiving sex education the more effective it seemed to be. The deliberation about sex education in schools explains why it is still a controversial topic in America.
Sex education in schools started to become controversial in the early 1900’s.
“Throughout the 1980’s these arguments began to lose legitimacy as the American republic reiterated its support (Fose)”. “Although this topic is highly debated, 93 percent of Americans support “sex or sexuallity” courses being taught in high school and 84 percent supports teachings in junior high (Fose)”. More people requested sex education because of the AIDs epidemic. The AIDs epidemic cau...

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