Sexual Education in Schools

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Sex among teenagers is one of the most controversial topics of our time. The teen pregnancy and STD rates in the United States alone have become a major problem over the years. Despite these skyrocketing sex cases, sexual education is not being taught in some schools, and the ones that do are extremely limited. Parents, the government, organizations, and school boards do not teach the proper curriculum necessary for students to thoroughly understand sexual behavior. This essay will explain the need for proper sexual education in our schools. Sexual education has been a heated topic for years. The topic started in 1912 when the National Education Association wanted teachers to begin lecturing in sex ed programs.(Pardini, Priscilla) In 1940 the U.S. Public Health Service labeled sexual education an “urgent need” and strongly advocated it in schools.(Pardini, Priscilla) Though sexual education had support from health officials and educators, there were many opponents.(Pardini, Priscilla) Conservatives and health advisors battled over how sex ed benefits and how it should be taught in schools.(Pardini, Priscilla) The late 1960s to early 1980s saw the first fave of organized sexual education opposition. (Pardini, Priscilla) These opposers aimed to criticize any form of sex ed being taught in schools.(Pardini, Priscilla) “Sex education programs were described by the Christian Crusade and other conservative groups as ‘smut" and ‘raw sex”.(Pardini, Priscilla) Some “far right” leaders argued that sexual education resulted in an increase in teen sexual activity.(Pardini, Priscilla) However, these attempts at derailing sex ed programs had little success.(Pardini, Priscilla) Sex ed programs continued to thrive in schools.(P... ... middle of paper ... ...s have come up false or misleading. Sexual Education teaches adolescents about sex, not try to demonize it like abstinence programs do. If sexual education was properly taught in all schools, teen pregnancy and STD rates would drop significantly. Work Cited McKeon, Brigid. “Effective Sex Education”. Advocates For Youth. 2006. Web. 30 January 2014. “History of Sex Ed.” Advocates For Youth. 2008. Web. 30 January 2014. Parini, Priscilla. “The History of Sexual Education”. Rethinking Schools. 2014. Web. 15 February 2014. Alford, Sue. Sex Education Programs: “Definitions and point by point comparison”. Advocates For Youth. 2008. Web. 17 February 2014. “11 Facts About Sex Education in The U.S.” Web. 17 February, 2014.
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