Sex In America

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Sex In America a definitive survey covers a wide variety of sexual practices as well as the diversity of sexual acts. This book also reveals the myth shattering results of the only comprehensive methodologically sound survey of America’s practices (inside the cover). Robert T. Michael, John H. Gagnon, Edward O. Laumann, and Gina Kolata wrote this book. Socialization plays a major role in this book because it helps us learn about the attitudes values beliefs, and norms of our culture (Gagnon). This book covers most of the talked about topics in America, to have a better understanding of what can happen when being sexually active. Sex is everywhere; you see it in magazines, moves and on television. By throwing these sexual acts in the faces of our younger generation, it will only make the rate increase. Therefore, this will cause the spread of STD’s, AIDS, and other viral infections that can ruin a person for life. Our goal was to give people a different way to think about sexuality, to reveal social faces that effect sexual behavior, just as they affect every other sort of human behavior. (Gagnon 13) Scientist wanted more general studies of sexuality to examine such issues as teen pregnancy, sexual dysfunction, and child abuse, and they realized that the AIDS crisis finally made such a study politically tolerable as well as crucially important. “This book offers facts about American’s sexual practices, putting them in context that helps explain not only what we do but why?” (Gagnon 13). Knowing that the world is a large place, we have a different set of culture groups that might agree in sexual acts, that others might not; for instance some people see homosexuality as being o.k. and others who Are homophobic, se... ... middle of paper ... ...ually respectable and that she in no way encouraged the offender.” (Gagnon) In recent studies scientist have proven that there are some advantages to having good sex. A satisfying sex life requires more than just simple martial status access to a partner. Happiness with partnered sex is linked to happiness with life. We cannot say which comes first-general happiness or a good sex life-but the correlations are clear and striking. And happiness is clearly linked to having just one partner-which may not be too surprising since that is the situation that society smiles upon. (Gagnon) As the years have gone by the numbers of teenage sex have increased. “We are told over and over again that all young, healthy Americans are likely to be having a great deal of sex, and when they are not, they are encouraged to get back into the fray as quickly as possible. (Gagnon)
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