The Importance of Comprehensive Sex Education to Decrease Teen Pregnancies

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In the United States today, many teenage girls are facing lots of problems. New problems are rising such as an increased pregnancy rate among teenagers. Our teenage girls are less developed and unprepared for the problems which come along with their decision to have sex. It is also too early for teenage girls to become pregnant. Many teens think having a baby is some sort of joke. They believe it will never happen to them but the reality is that every time teens have sex, there is a possibility that the sperm will find its way to the egg if they do not get protection. As a nation, or society, it is in our common interest to protect our teenage girls from getting unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. However, this issue of protecting or preventing our teenage girls from pregnancy plays a dynamic role and is a matter of choice. Many parents and educators have long argued over whether teens should get a comprehensive sex education or abstinence only education. The question is which of these programs is more effective at stopping teen pregnancy. To prevent teenage pregnancy, the United States, should force schools to teach comprehensive sex education for many reasons. For many people, instructing teenage girls about the usefulness of birth control and condoms is more important than just simply mentioning to avoid sex until marriage. Comprehensive sex education is needed to teach teens about the usefulness of condoms.

Condoms are more effective if teens are taught about sex education. Condoms are an important factor in preventing teenage pregnancy. Many people believe that the number of teen pregnancies would drop if schools would distribute condoms. Condoms are safe, cheap, and easy to use. The reason to distribute condoms is not ...

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...pregnancy. The best choice though is what program can effectively prevent teenage pregnancy. In order for the U.S to enforce sex education, the government should hire more qualified teachers whom will be able to assist teenagers in understanding sex education. Also the government should make sex education compulsory to teens. This form of action will help teen girls to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

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