Service Learning

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There are always some activities for the betterment of a community. If we get involved ourselves in those, we will certainly have some useful experiences in our life too. Service Learning is one of those activities, and it is primarily a service of a community with the application of the knowledge and guidance obtained in the college. Moreover, Service Learning is a way for a student to practice the education that he learns from the college, which in result strengthens the student academically. As a result, A student can be aware of the social issues through Service Learning, and he can apply his ideas and knowledge to come up with a solution. Similarly, Service learning also provides a source of communicating with the professional of the community, which can be helpful for a student regarding the education and employment. There are many organizations in our society, which create the opportunity for Service Learning. The ones that I am most interested in are the American Red Cross and City House homeless shelter. I like these organizations because these both are doing wonderful job b...

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