Service Learning Argument Analysis

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The article opens up describing a background of service learning through factual information and opinions of other people. Values of both service and learning are separately described discussing the importance of both. Service learning is described to initiate civic participation in the lives of future students through real life learning experiences solving problems. Incompetence of senior citizens use of technology is addressed as an issue faced in many communities according to the article. However, service learning students were trained to tutor senior citizens to technological advances. Another point the article addresses is that a relationship and knowledge was often acquired for both the student as well as the senior citizen. The student offered …show more content…

I assumed that service learning could only be done from serving people facing poverty through reflections. However, this article taught me that simply teaching other people can classify as a potentially rewarding service learning experience. My grandpa, who is seventy-eight years old, often struggles with using technology such as phones or computers. Eager to learn, he often asks for me to come over and guide him step-by-step on how to use various technologies. Many times, I will spend at least an hour explaining how to use the internet and e-mail. Although he never is able to understand how to use technology at first, over the course of time he has started to grasp the concepts. Today, he even has a smart phone and is able to communicate with me from home. The struggles my grandpa faced with technology really opened my eyes to the problems that many of the elderly encounter with advances in technology. In a world overrun by technology, I believe that more services are needed to allow everyone an educational background of how to understand

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