Self-Trauma Theory

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There are several approaches and theories as to the reasoning behind the sexual assault. The clinician quickly learns that Ana was sexually abused as a child. The client was raised in a single parent household, which caused the mother to remain away from the home due to her employment. The sexual assault that occurred against Ana as a child is traumatic within itself due to her constant worrying about her religion, having no support, and also not having the issue assessed during her childhood. To have the friend constantly around the family, and maintaining constant access would be traumatizing within itself for Ana. Due to these issues not being addressed during her childhood, Ana has transferred her emotions and behaviors into her adulthood. …show more content…

It also appears that Ana has been able to form a shield over her emotions, which suppressing her thoughts can lead to things such as suicidal thoughts and deep depression. A trauma based approach focuses on normalizing the client’s symptoms and behaviors as well as focusing on what actually happened with the client versus focusing on what is wrong with the client. This approach also focuses on the client learning how to take control and responsibility of their own recovery during treatment ( Bloom, 2000). Within the self-trauma approach, Briere has also incorporated parts of trauma theory, cognitive theory, self-psychology, and behavioral therapy in regards to working with clients who have survived and experienced child abuse ( Briere, 2002). The self-trauma model also incorporates relational and behavioral research and theory in order to address the many issues with emotional, cognitive, interpersonal, and behavioral effects of the child abuse. The main goal of this type of approach, is to avoid the client feeling overwhelmed. Although the goal is to avoid being overwhelmed, the focus is to expose the client to the traumatic material so that it could be integrate and desensitized ( Briere, 2004). Another theory that could apply to Ana is

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