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During disastrous event there are often no escape from trauma either it may be physical or mental trauma. Disaster occurs in many ways and at times it can takes away from people the ability to cope. To which extent that this may occur depends on the mental process of each individual who experience trauma. Sigmund Freud explored these concepts by looking closely at the correlation between those who experiences trauma and to extent in which they are able to deal with the memories during post-traumatic event (Halpern, & Tramontin, 2007). Freud had some association in exploring the concept of trauma; either it may be on the specific focus of hysteria or dissociation in people as a result of disastrous events.
DMH worker has a meaningful history in making a difference for victims of disaster. In many ways they could be described as a safe haven. DMH professionals are necessary in helping in disastrous situations that causes trauma by offering support (Halpern, & Tramontin, 2007). There is variety of trauma that should be addressed immediately after a disaster has occurred. Many time people feel that by ignoring an event without necessary counseling or seeking help, is the best way to move on. This is not the case trauma must be addressed and DMH workers has a history of address anxiety that may be present in victims post-disaster. For instance, two of the most common types of trauma people experience are hysteria and disassociation. Both of which could be considered as a form of defense mechanism that causes people to cope post-traumatic events. DMH workers are there to supportively assist clients to explore or understand their reactions through techniques, so that the family/ individual that might be experiencing the loss can event...

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...s (Lamothe, 2001). Through this process people who has experience trauma should speak out, expressing themselves through language, communicating their feeling and their internal turmoil’s/ setbacks. The victims should speak about their trauma as way to face the truth. Often times, people find it hard to fully recognize the trauma that has gone on in their life causing a greater resistance to impact of the trauma. According to Lamothe (2001) the therapy process that is often provided to the victims of severe trauma involves evaluating, providing affirmation. In providing this to victims of trauma it gives them a secure environment to be able to express themselves to the counselors more freely. They need to know that what they feel is valid and that feelings such as restfulness, anger, hopelessness, guilt; should not engulf their life after a disaster has occurred.
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