Essay On Client Trauma

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Counselors practically deal with clients who are the survivors of trauma. Trauma can be termed as a situation in which someone is confronted with an event involving real or threatened death, threat to self or others’ physical well being(American Psychiatric Association,2000). Client traumas commonly encountered in clinical field comprise childhood sexual abuse; physical assault; domestic violence and natural disasters. Sexual harassment is mostly presented clients trauma with estimates indicating that 1 in 10 men and 1 in 6 will encounter sexual abuse in their childhood, it also indicate that 1 in 4 women are victims of sexual assault in lifetime. Client reaction to traumas are naturally sense of helplessness, horror and a lot of fear, thus resulting a person to experience brutal nervousness that was not there prior to the trauma(American Psychiatric Association,2000). Counselors’ response to client trauma have either been suffer of exhaustion, thus the term vicarious trauma have been used to described counselors reaction to clients traumatic experiences. Construct of VT help counselors’ reaction to client trauma through more composite and complex clarification. VT has been generally referred to as involving major changes in central part of the psychotherapist personality. These changes entail interruption in the cognitive schemas of counselors’ self, memory coordination, and confidence system. VT has been understood to be exacerbated by, and possibly even entrenched in, the open meeting empathy, or the connection, with the client that is inherent in counseling associations. VT also reflects experience of counselors to clients’ traumatic substance and encompasses the consequent cognitive disruptions trained by counsel... ... middle of paper ... ...unselor needs to apply this at their own personal level so as to avoid negative effects and personal consequences thus encouraging self-care. Educational training also helps decrease the impact of VT. Training focusing on “traumatology” shows that graduate programs for mental health professional need to incorporate training regarding impacts of clients’ on child-hood trauma and its effect on VT. Conclusion Vicarious traumatization is a major concern meant for counselors providing services to traumatized clients. Counselors’ cognizance of possible changes in their attitude about self, others, and the word may be a protective measure against VT. Awareness of personal reactions to VT also allows counselors to put into practice self-care mechanisms to improve such effects, thus minimizing ethical and interpersonal difficulties.
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