Self-Identity And Self Identity

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From an early age infants and young children develop unique sets of self identity that differentiate them from others.Self-identity in infants and young children is highly influenced by the current beliefs. These current beliefs mainly include gender, culture, temperament, and attachments. Self Identity is being recognized as an individual with a unique set of personality and being accepted as well as respected for it. The development of self identity and self esteem is crucial in the early age as it will be carried on to adulthood. Early childhood environment thus plays a pivotal role in either encouraging or impairing the social, emotional and psychological well being of the child. Educators can provide a secure base for the children to…show more content…
A healthy environment with positive interaction and encouragement helps the child to achieve social, emotional and psychological well being. In contrast, If the child is in an environment of constant stress, confusion and neglect, it will have an adverse effect on the overall development of the child. It could even lead to lasting damage to the mental health and wellbeing of the child. The environment is a key influential factor in the holistic development of the child. A nourishing environment with proper care, attention, and encouraging experiences will help the child to form secure and satisfying bonds, regulate emotions and explore the environment. Dramatic play is one of the many positive activity that can help the child to develop a healthy social skills as well as obtain emotional and psychological well being. For example: A child playing the role of a doctor during a dramatic play has to interact with the patient, act according to the situation and solace the injured or sick patient. In an environment like this the child develops his interaction and communication skill which promotes social development of the child. Similarly, The child has to assess the situation, think of a response and react accordingly which is good for the psychological well being. Lastly, after finally treating the patient the child will experience a sense of…show more content…
Thus, the early childhood teacher have some key influencing factors to consider when supporting young children in developing a positive self-image. Personality is one of the major factor that an early childhood teacher must consider before supporting children. A firm knowledge of the child’s personality will help to devise proper experience plans for the respective child, leading to a positive self-image and boosted self confidence in the child. It is the responsibility of the educator to promote the curiosity and open-mindedness in children. The educator should also make all possible attempts to encourage children to be flexible and self-reflective in nature. It will prove to be beneficial for them in the future while pursuing developmental milestones, gaining particular skills or chasing important life goals. Another important factor affecting self-identity of children is family. Educators should build good relation and develop sound communication with the families of the children. A healthy rapport between the educator and the family can prove to be helpful in developing self-identity in children. Parents should be encouraged to form a close bond with their children but they should also be warned to be mindful of creating moments of healthy separations.Healthy separations helps the child to be autonomous and confident. Peers can also be an influential factor in shaping the self-identity of a child. Hence,
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