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Play is such an important part of the learning and growing, especially for children. Children engage in many different types of play, but the play I saw the most when I observe the children of my daycare is sociodramatic play. The book Understanding Dramatic Play by Judith Kase-Polisini defines sociodramatic play as “both players must tacitly or openly agree to act out the same drama” (Kase-Polisini 40). This shows that children play with each other and make their worlds together as equal creators. Children also work together without argument. There is also some personal play involved in their sociodramatic play. The children involved in the play worked to make a family having dinner, which is great example of how this will prepare them for
One of the kids did not understand how turn on the stove and the stove top. Another kid taught the others how to season the food. Another kid thought that they should try to make something for the teachers in the gym. They worked together to make a cheeseburger and pizza. When they went to get the food out of the stove, on kid told them that they need something to grab it because it would be hot. They took it to the teachers to eat along with a drink. When they brought it to me, they warned me that it was hot, then they waited for me to eat the food. One of the kids told that the food would cool off if I blew on it. After I pretended to eat it, they asked me what I thought of the food. They continued, by asking me if it was too spicy or
I think that this play is very beneficial for children to interact with. It lets children figure out how to work through how to use kitchen appliances without the danger of hurting themselves. It also lets them figure it out by themselve. A lot of times parents and adults do not realize that children can figure things out themselves. Adults typically just tell them how to do something with prevents them from learning on their own. This play is extremely important to do, because it is something that everyone is going to have to do at some point in there life. I think that it is important for children to learn how to cook and use different appliances while people are young instead of later in life. First, it is easier to learn when you are young. Children are very impressionable which makes learning about cooking easier for them. Second, they are learning, but they do not actually have to be cooking. Children are not actually making food, and they do not have to make them so they can eat. They are doing it for fun, but if you are learning to cook when you actually need to eat it makes it more stressful. Finally, when children practice cooking it is for fun, and they are enjoying it. They are enjoying what they are doing. This will teach them that doing adult things, such as cooking, more enjoyable. With this mentally, children will not see cooking as a chore, but

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