Uniforms: The Benefits

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School uniforms have always been a topic of interest for me since fifth grade when my school merged with another and I had the possibility of adopting their uniform policies. Up until researching this topic I have always thought uniforms were a terrible idea because they were just ugly and looked uncomfortable. So with my argument paper of course I wrote about how uniforms are a bad idea. After reviewing all of my research I did in order to write this paper I came to the conclusion that uniforms actually make so much sense to me now. This could be because I am lazy and like that I wouldn’t have to make any decisions. I have also encountered many peers who do wear uniforms and after hearing their opinions and tolerance for them I began to wish I was exposed to that growing up. So I have done full research into both sides, while switching sides a few times as I created a solid outline. Currently I feel that uniforms offer a safe and united community that encourages the individual and self growth.
Many opposing views feel that uniforms are a “Band-Aid Approach” to more serious problems throughout the school community says Bárbara C. Cruz. (43) These are problems like violence, bullying and poor academic behavior. Said by a high school junior “Uniforms would not transform anyone into a good student, just dress up a bad one”. (Cruz 44) It is true that uniforms are not the solution to all educational problems, but they are a good place to start. Although, when schools begin to enforce a uniform policy it shows that the community is acknowledging there are problems to be solved and working together to try something new. Quoting two school safety experts, “Instituting a dress code alone will not solve the problem of violence in the schoo...

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