School Systems

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The Ontario school system dedicates a great deal of the high school curriculum towards preparing students for University. Ontario high schools provide students with many courses that will help prepare the students that decide to go on to post secondary education. However, the Ontario School System lacks in preparing them for the most prominent aspect of University, stress. The Ontario school system does not prepare students for any of the on coming stresses which will be the number one factor in a students success or failure at University.
The Ontario school system does not prepares students for the stress of living away from home. At the high school level, whenever a student is having a problem, the school calls the parents to fix the problem. High schools also have parent-teacher interviews where the parents and teachers discuss problems of the students without them present. Parents are alerted as soon as their son or daughter is having any sort of problem. Having the parents involved all the time results in the students to not be able to solve their own problems. Because of the Ontario school system’s protocol of having parents involved at all times students are not prepared for the stress of having to deal with their own problems at University.
Students are not prepared for the stress coming from the University workload when they leave high school. In high school students are assigned a major project, then it is weeks before they are assigned another. Teachers give students weeks, if not months to prepare for a major assignment. High school teachers also accommodate for tests or projects in other classes. When students get to University, they are assigned many major assignments at the same time in different courses and have very little time to complete them. Because of the Ontario School System, students are not prepared for the stresses of a University workload.
The Ontario school system does not prepare students for the stress of not having a teachers support at all times. In high school there is always a teacher present to help any student at any time. Whenever a student has any sort of problem they have the knowledge that the student can request the aid of their teacher. At the University level, the classes can have more than two hundred students as opposed to the 30 students in high school classes. Professors do not have enough time to address the problems of each of their students.
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