The Differences Between Schools And The United States And How They Are Run

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According to this essay, what are some of the major differences between how schools are run in the United States and how they are run in Finland?
On page 980, first paragraph where Salhberg explains, “parents in American can choose to take their kids to private schools”. “But here in Finland, parents can do the same but the options all are similar”. This is an absolutely hands down important thing he just said. Why? Well, think about it, many children here in the U.S. are all different and receive a different education due to where they come from, and how they learn things. Where’s as in Finland, no matter where you take your son or daughter, even to a private school. The Education system is the same.
Second example is on page 979, it explains on how American’s all do test constantly in which is similar. But in Finland each individual student in the class room have independent test that are created for themselves. This is also very important since every person in the world, regardless who they are or where they come from can learn things in much more different manner but still receive the same lectures as any other student.
Last but not least, on page 980 second last paragraph. Salhberg explains on how Finland starts with the basics. Finland offers all pupils free school meals, which is great because many students may not have the money to afford their breakfast or lunch. Finland has easy access to health care, and psychological counseling. Especially individualized student guidance, it’s incredible to me on how the U.S. doesn’t do this. Many students don’t get the necessary help that they need, which results into doing poorly in school or dropping out here in America. Access to health care is astounding; many families can’t affo...

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..., we had to pay $300 or more for the laptops. Why? Because the school needs money and if they weren’t spending it on pointless things such as improving the football field or buying equipment that doesn’t work then we are just being robbed.
What kind of evidence does Partanen provide to support her argument? How does she use sources? How convincing is the evidence and the sources of it?
Annu using test results from each country on how they score, turns out the United States isn’t even close on the ranking in the list. She uses sources from test scores, to college financial problems, examples on how the system teaches their students. It’s quite convincing because as a student who use to attend high school here in the U.S., I can stand by what she says as in she’s right. We are terribly taught and need to be looked as equally regardless who we are, or where we come from
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