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Stress is a factor that is unavoidable for most people in certain periods of their lives. Stress can be positive when it motivates a person to overcome challenges. However, stress can also be negative that it affects a person mentally and physically. Moreover, many college students experienced high level of stress because they are overwhelmed with classes. Stress can affect not only college students’ health but also their grades because being stressful can prevent students to have a clear mind to complete their works at their best. Therefore, college students should learn to utilize their time better to avoid unnecessary stresses that occurred in their college life. As each new semester begins, many college students found themselves still stuck in their relaxing mindset of break time. Their mentalities were not ready to shift to a ready mode for the upcoming semester of school work. However, as the semester unfolded and speeded up toward their first mid-term or finals, college students found themselves more stress because they have no way to cope with the increasing amount of work they must complete. For this reason, college students would not be able to put all their mind and effort into completing the required task. As a result, it forced them to lose interest in the class subject that they are studying and made them want to finish the task as fast as possible, disregarding the quality of the work they submitted. Moreover, other college students would be counting down each day until they luckily stumble across a campus closing dates so they would be able to catch up on their work. Many college students do not realize that they always have the choice to manipulate their time each day so that they would be able to utilize the most...

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...students to acknowledge that they are experiencing stress, while other alternatives may find that making college students believe that stress is good for them. However, stress can affect students’ ability to work and cause health related problems. Also, the proposed stress management techniques pointed out ways to cope and deal with stress by setting reasonable goals and stay away from aiming for perfection. By achieving reasonable goals, it can reduce college students’ stress and help students gradually aim for higher goals. Furthermore, utilizing the proposed stress management technique helps college students to be ready to face greater stress such as higher class level classes in the future and still able to manage it. As they are reducing the amount of stress that they are experience with schoolwork, they would be able to achieve greatness and success in school.
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