Safety In Nursing Practice Essay

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Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice: Safety
In nursing practice, the safety competency is all about doing no harm to the patient and provider often by following the right procedures and monitoring the system’s performance for efficiency, as well as ensuring peak individual performance amongst the practitioners and their support systems. Integrating safety into the nursing practice, education and research is paramount to the effectiveness of the profession in so many ways as will be discussed in this paper. But before that, it is necessary to consider the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are related to this particular competence. The paper will then discuss the implications of integration with respect to the working environment.
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They must be able to appreciate the value of standardization in nursing practice as well as the limitations of the human mind in memorizing and coming up with effective solutions all the time. The practitioner must also play their role in the prevention of errors within the facility while valuing the role of the patient, families and colleagues in as far as monitoring and cross checking is concerned. In addition, they must be able to appreciate the significance of the national safety campaigns and their positive impacts upon implementation in practice.
Importance of Integration
Integrating safety into nursing practice, education and research has a lot of significant implications for the instructor, practitioner, patient and the facility’s management. These are discussed below in detail.
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Considering that the researcher protects himself or herself and the participants, a lot of unwanted circumstances including new infections on both sides are prevented thus limiting the miscellaneous costs in the research budget. It also assures the participants that they are protected and thus will come to no harm during the study. This ensures that they are willing to cooperate and thus help the scientific community and humanity as a whole by providing the relevant data for a given investigation. Safety here also prevents errors by ensuring that the possible errors are caught on time. This then translates into results that are not only very reliable but also largely replicable onto another sample population, making them relevant in drawing a generalized
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