Rome's Golden Age

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Rome had countless accomplishments and achievements during the time of their empire. All of the accomplishments helped bring Rome to the height of their age. Much of what we use today was created or used by the Romans. Through the use of architecture, public works, and cities, the Roman Empire became a golden age. Rome created many public works such as the system of roads and also the public baths. Their roads helped with many things such as the transportation of people and goods, the spread of language and culture, and they also helped bind Rome together. Because people could easily be transported, language was spread to all the other cities and most of Rome spoke Latin. With a majority of everyone using the same language, Rome was unified …show more content…

Within the cities was many sources of entertainment and also lots of achievements were made in the cities. There were many different forms of entertainment such as the Colosseum and the theater. The Romans preferred comedies and liked the works of Greek dramatist Menander. Their advancements helped to take away the worries of the Romans and it allowed them to enjoy entertainment. Instead however, the Romans got to enjoy themselves without having to worry. Also within the Roman cities were centers of learning. Lots of new things were created and spread such as philosophies, laws, art, literature, and religion within the cities. Having a center of learning within your empire helps contribute to it being a golden age. (Allan, Tony) and (Gregory, …show more content…

All of the achievements in architecture, public works, and cities, contributed to the success of the Roman Empire. Based on the success in the civilization, the Roman Empire was formed into a golden age.

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