Contributions Made by the Romans to Western Civilization

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The ancient Romans had many contributions that were important to the western civilization. Some of their contributions include the aqueducts, public baths, markets, and juries. The Romans were also the greatest builders of the ancient western world. They created a legacy that proved to be as dominant as it was long lasting and many roman principles are embodied in their modern instructions. The Romans made varies of contributions to the Western Civilization, but a few are the most important of all. Rome was the most important civilization to the Western World. It had left a great legacy behind by paving the road for the spread of Christianity, forming the basis for the republic, and allowing for a widespread diffusion of culture.

In many ways, the Roman legacy remains the ideal upon which Western civilization has shaped itself today. For example, the capitol in Washington is seen to be followed by the roman model in making of a new nation. According to, as the Athenians saw the symbol of their city-state's democracy and culture in the rock-jutting Acropolis, so the Romans viewed the Forum as the symbol of imperial grandeur. The Romans were practical people whose greatness lies in shaping the government and the law. They wanted to lead the nation and that is what we adapted through their teachings still today.

Years ago, the Romans created one of the biggest and best organized empires the world has ever seen. Throughout their lands, they built towns and roads, and spread their way of life. One of the reasons why their empire was so successful was that, unlike other ancient states, the empire welcomed outsiders. Foreigners could become Roman citizens. At first this was a given as a reward for the loyalty or f...

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... also brought over their customs that we have adapted such as the rituals that we do during a funeral for a loved one, by giving them a proper burial.

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