Role Of Mathematics, Science And Technology In Modern Life

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I believe that the growing role of mathematics, science and technology in modern life demands that we, for our active participation in society, personal satisfaction and our working development we should not only be able to read and write but also, have the skills and knowledge in these areas. Before doing the readings I thought that being scientific and mathematic literal was to be able to solve math and science problems. My opinion changed drastically after reading each article and book on my reference list. Now I believe that it’s not only to be able to solve problems, but that being Scientific and Mathematic literal is to be able to communicate with others in our or in different areas of study, to think on the nature of a subject and work…show more content…
This means that math work with numbers, symbols, geometric shapes, etc. One could say that nearly all human activities have some sort of relationship with mathematics. These links may be evident, as in the case of engineering, or be less noticeable, as in medicine or music. You can divide mathematics in different areas or fields of study. In this sense we can speak of arithmetic (the study of numbers), algebra (the study of structures), geometry (the study of the segments and figures) and statistics (data analysis collected), between…show more content…
After reading their dialogue, I gained knowledge about the nature of these to subjects. I learned that Math different from Science allows us to get knowledge which cannot be doubt, because Math different from science doesn’t study existing things, although Math can be apply into existing things “The alliance between science and mathematics has a long history” (The nature of Math). An example of this is shapes on objects, we can’t take the shape off from objects, which means that shapes don’t really exist, but we can apply it to existing things. Science studies things that exists, and “everything that exists is constantly changing” (Socrates, pg. 14), which means that science requires new experiments, studies, etc.

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