A Historical View of Egyptian’s Mathematics System

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A Historical View of Egyptian’s Mathematics System
In historic times; math was well known for helping Egyptian people keep track of their property, money, taxes, livestock, land and sometimes people. Math did indeed help the Egyptian community and their king by building pyramids, tombs, art crafts, and using math to solve the flood on Nile Valley. Egypt was striving for a new era to come along with their mathematical achievement.
As history has it, Egypt was the land of lands and great art with their high pyramids. During the year 3000 BC when two nations decides to come in one nation so that the nation of Egypt can be under one king. Since Egypt has become under one nation; the land and it’s’ people grew and develop their work of arts and crafts. Researchers O΄Connor and Robertson (2000) wrote “Egypt enjoyed long periods of peace when society advanced rapidly. From the article “The Story of the Nile” by John Baines (2011) said:
“Throughout antiquity, Egypt's standing relied on its agricultural wealth and, therefore, on the Nile. Agriculture had not been the original basis of subsistence, but evolved, together with the land itself, during the millennia after the last Ice Age ended around 10,000 BC, expanding greatly from about 4500 BC onward.”
Another article wrote “Egypt is a land of shifting desert sands, a land of giant pyramids and a place of great rulers from the past. It is the land of the Nile” (Stevenson, 2000). Since Egypt has a lot land to spare, they built pyramids. We all know that pyramids are used for bury their kings and queens. According to Stringer, 2007 reported that “Memphite pyramids, the Great Pyramid
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