The Importance Of Mathematics

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Mathematics is a science that has a vital importance in the artistic domain and how the world is constructed. The world is more concern to attract individuals toward mathematical studies and research for the enhancement of the world development. Some individuals claim that they do not like Math just because it deals with multitude of numbers, some says that math is boring, difficult, complicated, or they just hate it for short. I have encountered a students who claimed that the math textbook are too large, and the overwhelmed with repetition. Well, everyone has a point of view regarding math. Now, all that have to do with loads, when the memory have a space for more information, nevertheless, it possess a large space to store information. All…show more content…
As suggested by Swezller (1994) the consequence of cognitive load theory regarding the structuring of information with a prospective to minimize complication by focusing any activity relating to cognition on schema acquisition tent to a brief summarization. It is evident that cognitive load theory concerns situation that deal with learning and difficulty that relate to solve problems; and the problems should reflect artificiality and manipulation in terms of instructional design (Swezller, 1994). Learning is processed in the cognitive level; there should be in the textbook, things that stimulate or attract learners to like the textbook more, and something that bring willingness to reach out to the mathematics textbook, and this strategy may work for other subject books as well. Back in the days, three were mathematics book designed in black and white, and they were constructed to acquaint learners with mathematical concept and curriculum referred as resources. I have studied mathematics using some of those book, they were overwhelmed with kilometric mathematical formulas and…show more content…
In our situation, the effort that we associated to override our difficulties of learning math regardless of the burden we encountered in the material we were utilizing represent the intrinsic cognitive load. It is noted by Swezller (1994) that intrinsic cognitive load remains the same for a given subjective area, because it is at the base of the material composite, and it is characterized relating on interactive element. From experience, as a Math teacher I would say that the modernized constructed textbook with a flurry of color and graphics is is the optimal design for mathematics textbooks. Now with the modernization of the mathematics textbook, the design have tremendously changed, and portrays attractiveness. The readability has progressively improved, and the willingness to reach out to the book has improved. It has a lot to do with our mid; and the reader cognitive motivation is improve and attract individual to even cast a quick view in the mathematics
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