Robert Sternberg Teaching For Wisdom Essay

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“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” This quote by George Bernard Shaw implies that wisdom is a necessity for the future. Powerful people in history made terrible mistakes when they did not use their intelligence to benefit the world. Robert Sternberg argues that children should be taught how to use their knowledge to benefit society. I mostly agree with Sternberg on his views In his article “It’s not What You Know but How You Use It: Teaching for Wisdom” Robert Sternberg asserts that children be taught how to use their knowledge to benefit the world. U.S. presidents and businessmen have not used their wisdom well. Many educated people believe they are the center of the universe, all knowing, powerful because of intelligence, or able to escape blame because of intelligence. Although intelligence may rise throughout generations, wisdom does not. The “Balance Theory” says that people do what’s best for everyone. Students should be taught to benefit society by thinking critically and viewing situations from different perspectives. Teaching students wisdom will give them their own views, but also allow them to sympathize with others. In some history classes, students are taught that their country often made harmful decisions. Mandela and Mugabe are examples of…show more content…
Critical thinking will not only help them to make an educated guess on a homework problem but also affect their decision process. Children will learn to make educated decisions to benefit the world. They will be able to make differences that help as many people as possible. The future leaders of the world will see how every person is equally important and all work together for something more massive than
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