Socrates Teacher Essay

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Socrates, a famous philosopher, once said, “I cannot teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.” This quote is interesting in the fact that in modern times it is mandatory to go to school for a certain length of time to be taught in order to learn. We have teachers that share their knowledge with their students so that the generations to come can continue to grow and develop. When a student is asked what their teachers do at school they will most likely respond with something along the lines of, “they teach.” This response is both true and false to an extent. While the teachers can provide their students with knowledge, it is important for the students to do their part by using their minds to understand it for themselves. Socrates…show more content…
While he was growing up he received a very typical education, no different than any other average child living in Athens at the time. As he got older he became very muscular, although was quite short according to Plato’s, Symposium. After his education he went on to become a hoplite, an Athenian soldier (Twardowski, 353). Following his career as a hoplite, he started his philosophical journey and never worked for money again (“Socrates”). Socrates would go around and help people develop their ideas. Instead of telling people what to think, which is what their government and elders did, he challenged the people to think for themselves. He would question people as to why they believe what they did in more of a dialect than a teaching or lecturing (Twardowski, 354). This is where the Method of Elenchus originated, more commonly known as the Socratic method, and is still well known thanks to a text written by a student of Socrates named Plato. The Socratic method eventually led the young adults to change the way they see the world. Instead of having the same thoughts as their parents and government, they began to think for themselves (“Socrates”). As one can imagine the older Athenian people were furious. The younger generation was now questioning their beliefs and thinking in a way people had never considered before. People speculated that Socrates was a sophist. The…show more content…
By refusing to flee from his death sentence and drinking the hemlock without hesitation, Socrates displayed values and morals that we can still learn from today (Shivji). Some people even compare the life and death of Socrates to that of Jesus Christ. They both were unpaid teachers in their own way and they both accepted death with grace even though they were not criminals. Socrates not only continues to live on in a way that is influential in our personal lives, but his lessons have been adapted into our everyday life. Socrates’ Socratic method is used in a part of our modern day trials. It is the part of a trial where one side is able to ask the other questions in order to find out the truth, also known as cross-examination. Some psychotherapists also use it in order to determine the leading cause of their patient’s problem (Shivji). Lawyers and therapists, people we tend to go to for help, use this method of questioning exactly as Socrates did, but he was killed for it. Through the virtues, morals, and the Socratic method, Socrates was able to impact the daily lives of humans’ centuries after his
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