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What is Visual Merchandising?
Visual merchandising is a concept of presenting your retail space in an elegant way. It’s a channel for the retail house to create their own distinctive identity to develop a sense of their product’s character and define the themes of their range from its physical contours redefined by visual merchandising.
In a simple way, the retailer needs to create a warm, friendly and an approachable retail space to attract consumers.The visual displays is an imperative element of branding of any store. If the stock is presentable, it is bound to appeal to the shoppers. If the shoppers appreciate the store layout and product, they are likely to spend more time in the store, and in return reward the store with sales. Along with the products for sales, the staff, the décor, the store interiors, the trial rooms arrangement, the lightings and music also form an inclusive elements boosting store sales. (fibre2fashion, 2008)

5.1 The elements of visual merchandising
The elements of visual merchandising should comprise the artistic bend that should completely define the orderliness of the store. Every optical dispensary of the store should benefit from these elements from good visual merchandising. The store should develop an imitable ‘visual sense’ through these elements.
A few elements that could define visual merchandising as whole a pointed below:
• Attraction The display space becomes a stage using color, composition, movement and lighting
• Interest Good presentation is also another important factor
• Desire the display should create an impression of desirable to the customer, promoting the product & its brand.
• Action the action is when the customer enters the shop with an intention to buy.
• Balance to ach...

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... concept is inadequate. The concept according to majority of retailers is just dressing a window, or just an unnecessary expenditure. The competitors’ today have an astonishing retail design stock and will have to compete purely on master merchandising and the technological edge.

Here, visual merchandising will be a beneficial tool in defining the exclusive identity of the brand and thereby increasing the sales and their market value. It is the appropriate time that the Indian retail industry understands and adopts the beneficial traits visual merchandising rather than the traditional practices of display of products and communication via sales personnel. The customers are trends aware and the stores on the other hand have managed to up the glamour quotient. Only a link of brand communication between the brand products and shoppers remains missing. (Pundir, 2007)
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