Registered Nurse Role

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The focus of this paper is to explore the role of the registered nurse as a leader and manager in the healthcare team. The role of management in nursing affects almost every aspect of the registered nurse’s daily work. An effective manager requires a variety of interpersonal skills that are both learned and intuitive. These skills are of great importance in the management of clients, family, and other healthcare professionals. Management skills are both learned and intuitive, although practice and experience may be one of the most essential ingredients to effective management. This paper explores a few of the essential skills required to be an effective manager. Modern nursing requires more than clinical knowledge and skills. Nursing today requires registered nurses, even graduate nurses, to possess management skills. Registered nurses must develop effective communication skills, understand how to manage conflicts, develop team building skills and know how to delegate properly. Most of today’s nursing education programs include a management class in the curriculum to better prepare students for their first nursing job. Nurse managers have the responsibility to be a role model for staff. Storch, Makaroff, Pauly and Newton (2013) remind us that formal nurse leaders should provide…show more content…
They go on to explain that in order to accomplish this requires positive relationships and emotional bonds among team members. The nurse manager can have a great impact on team building. The nurse manager can promote team building by supporting the team building effort, being willing to share control and leadership and, most of all, by remaining positive and encouraging to the efforts of the team members (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2012). Ekstrom and Idvall (2015) state that by developing a friendly, supportive learning environment facilitates development and job satisfaction among members of the nursing
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