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Public Affairs is split into two different concentrations, public policy and public administration. Public policy deals with how government decides, or doesn’t decide, how to fix issues. Public administration is the implementation of these policies made by congress. There are many different components to public administration; concepts I found to be central to my thinking of public affairs is leadership, honor, ethics, accountability, and social equity. Over this course, I have grown personally and intellectually by the different perspectives and concepts shared in this class.

Leadership is defined as, “The exercise of authority… in directing and coordinating the work of others” (et al. Shafritz). This simplistic definition defines
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Goodwill’s mission statement is to help end generational poverty, to help accomplish this goal; they have multiple programs to help anyone achieve success despite the potential barriers they may face. Some of these programs include helping individuals receive their high school diploma-despite their age, helping ex-offenders transition into the professional work force, and assigning certified nurses to single teen mom’s to help raise their children. Our goal was to raise 5000 clothing items with the help of IUPUI’s body. To achieve this goal, we formed four groups that were each responsible for a different task. Leaders were selected to represent each group. As our class worked as a team to accomplish this collective action, I observed how each of the leaders interacted with the members of their group. The ones who were the most effective and successful were the ones who took the time to ask their colleagues for input and ideas of how to successfully complete each task the group was responsible for. In addition, the leaders who showed to be the most effective did not use their power to suppress or coerce their colleagues into completing tasks but, simply allowed each colleague to express their talents through the tasks that appealed to them the…show more content…
Starting with the end of slavery in 1865, African-Americans suffered greatly throughout the late 1800 to mid-1900. It wasn’t until 1955, during the civil rights movements when the government began programs to help assist and compensate for their wrong doings. In 1965, President Johnson issued, by executive order, Affirmative action. Affirmative action sought to “remove the artificial barriers underrepresented groups faced” (et al. Shafritz). This was a huge step in providing social equity in both higher education and the workplace. In today’s society, we still have improvements to make in regards to social equity in the public administration. As previously mentioned, there are aspects of the public sector, which is outwardly helping minorities, and other aspects that are outwardly discriminating against

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