Reflective Essay On Community Service

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The hours I completed serving my community were ones well-spent. It was extremely satisfying to perform good deeds that help our neighborhood thrive. These duties gave me insight on what community service really is. Community service allows you to provide aid and nurture your neighborhood and community. From picking up trash on trails to reading to children with disabilities, I was able to execute a variety of different service-learning projects. At my first project, I helped prepare packages that would be delivered to the less fortunate. I decorated inspirational scripture that would hopefully lift their spirits. The scripture would later go into ‘Manna’ bags that are apart of the packages. The bags also contained boiled eggs, chips, sandwiches, bottled water along with other nutrient-rich foods. Putting together the bags was beneficial to the community because they were delivered to a surprisingly large population of people, the homeless. By handing out these bags of food, you’ve eliminated one of the top priorities that homeless people are likely to commit a crime for. Not to mention that this could potentially cut down on the amount of loitering and begging there is around the neighborhood. I felt such a swell of pride after completing this project. I could have spent my Thursday night anywhere else, but just knowing that I took time out of my week to help other people that really need it made me extremely proud of myself. Just imagine someone opening their bag of goods and feeling so relieved that they don’t have to scrape up money they do not to try and buy food. I was able to have a hand in this. I spent over six hours executing my next project. Cleaning up the wildlife park was possibly the most strenuous out... ... middle of paper ... ...ction differently. Everything they absorb is processed in a different ways. Temple Grandin, a young woman with aspergers, was able to change agricultural history because of her extraordinary photographic memory. Most people do not realize how much people with disabilities have to offer. I know I have not completed even a small portion of the work that makes where we live so safe, fun, and spectacular. I did, however, receive an innumerable amount of insight on how much effort goes into it. Service-learning is being used as an innovative learning strategy instead of a form of punishment. The reflection that has been integrated into it requires that the student does a bit of higher level thinking along with receiving an excellent hands-on learning experience. This assignment has an astronomical amount of potential in shaping how the youth of today views the world.

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