Community Service Essay

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Being a college student can get difficult at times. Some students in college do not seem to have anytime at all to do good deeds. Students should be able to help their community in any way they can. Having students complete a one-credit community service class is an excellent idea because it can lead to better moral ethics in students, it will help to gain better insight, and everyone involved will benefit from this one-credit class. A school should be a place where we learn valuable information. The school system focuses on the basic academic knowledge we need like math, reading, and science. Another category we should be taught is community service learning. If schools, like colleges, incorporate service learning in a one-credit course…show more content…
As a college student gives us the freedom to explore our surroundings. This community service learning proposal gives us the opportunity to learn from our community. Our critical thinking skills will increase as we apply it to “real world” situations during the class period and not just in old fashioned assignments. It will also help us to understand the way things work such as organizing an event or being part of community organizations themselves. It has been shown in studies presented in the article Service Learning as Holistic Values Pedagogy that “service learning provides a positive context for the formation of social, personal, and civic responsibility; communicative competence and meaningful relationships with adults; as well as growth in the kind of awareness that extends to empathic understanding, altruism, giving, and caring”. As a human, we tend to be selfish at times. While being involved in this course, although it is mandatory, it will help us to understand more about being kind and the effects of an act of kindness. We will learn to gain insight and learn to be more responsible throughout the work we do for the…show more content…
As Pamela Ann Hayward states as an impact on students, “Because the students are interacting with service organizations, they are likely to better understand their community, challenge their prejudices, and expand their view of culture and society (Bruess et al., 1999)”. We will make connections and learn to network with the people we meet. It may even lead to business opportunities in a later future, it starts with the way we present ourselves. The school staff will also benefit from this experience because it can lead to new teaching methods that may be used in all courses. The instructor will not only bring books to the class but will also show enthusiasm. In noticing the good manner of the instructor, the students’ participation will increase giving all students a chance to experience something new. And not to forget the benefit of the community. There are some non-profit organizations unable to pay for certain services but that is where the community service learning proposal comes in handy. The students will help the organization voluntarily while giving the facility the chance to interact with professionals. In conclusion, this community service learning proposal for the school is a great idea that may produce new experiences for all involved. Not only will it instill a new way of thinking, it will also bring opportunities. Being a student in college may be difficult
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