Reflection Paper

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Writing is a skill that can never be full mastered. No matter how many books, papers, articles, or periodicals that a person has written and/or published, there is still room for improvement and new techniques and styles to master. Most people begin the process of learning how to write by learning how to spell one’s own name. Such a simple task when you think of it, but it was world’s away from our young minds. Moving onward into elementary school, it was hard to imagine learning writing techniques to write full sentences, to paragraph, to a full page. As tome progressed and writing skills became common place, educators taught their students how to write five paragraph essays. As I am finishing my freshman year of college, I am once more getting the free range to write what I desire and I am…show more content…
When high school came and all of my writing was based off of books that I have read and assignments I have completed, I lost my passion because the act of writing seemed to become more of a chore than an enjoyable pastime. My overall writing experience in high school resulted in papers that last little to the imagination, basically regurgitating information that all of my classmates had as well. There were no original thoughts to be found in skimming through my papers. Everything was pretty cut and dry with what my teachers were looking for. I was rudely awakened when I reached college because the professors expect much more from their students and expect each person to have a unique viewpoint on the topic. Throughout the duration of this course. My passion for writing has once again been sparked. I 've been reintroduced to the idea that writing can have different views and you do not have to agree with what the common theme is or the most expected principle. So much of the writing that I have done has been to satisfy the teacher into get a good