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As a college student and as an administrator I have had to write various documents, reports, essays and correspondence. I have taken a few writing courses that have marginally helped to improve my writing skills but I still do not feel completely comfortable with the final drafts I have produced. This journal entry will examine my previous experience with writing courses, strategies that have been successful, my strengths and weaknesses in writing and what I hope to gain from this course. My experience with writing began in sixth grade, when placed in an accelerated program. One of the expectations of this program was a written essay due weekly. At this juncture, I do not feel I was properly prepared and only spent one year in the program. My high school career was mundane with surprisingly little chance to hone writing skills. My next brush with a writing course would not occur until I began my studies towards a degree in paralegal studies. Two courses within the program focused exclusively on writing skills: Legal Writing and English 102. Both classes elevated my skills but I feel...

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