Reflection On Communication Styles

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This class is really giving me insight into the different communication styles. Over the past week, I really had to set and review my friendships. At first, it was a bit difficult to answer the questions of who is least dominant and who had the lowest sociability. I really had to think, because most of my friends are alike. We are all the same with subtle differences, or so I thought.
I have a very close circle of friends I call my sisters, there is a total of five of us. For the most part, we all fall in the middle, or on the low dominance side of the scale. That is all of us with the exception of my sister T. She is very competitive, hurried, challenging, wants it all her way, and very talkative. I am low dominance, shy, relaxed, easy going and very reserved. I
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Q is very spontaneous whereas Steph has to weigh every possibility before committing to something. Q is, without a doubt, the most open friend I have. She will answer any question you ask, no matter how personal it is. She is always the conversation starter when she is in the room it will never be silent. Steph is very quiet and laid back if I didn 't see her in a room I probably wouldn 't know she was there. The only issue that my group of friends may have experienced with sociability is those friends on the lower end don 't express themselves as much, which usually leads to the excess zone quite often. According to my group of friends I fall in the Supportive communication style. People who possess this style tend to be cooperative, patient, and attentive (Reece 2014, pg.60). I believe I am a good communicator. I have been working on being an active listener, I try to be present in the moment as well as hear the story with my heart. There are times when I could be a little less opinionated, and that is something I will need to work on. Having the supportive communication style helps me to be a great listener, I always try to
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