Reflection Of Personal Writing: The Levels Of Formal Writing

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Formal writing is no easy task, nor is it something that can be learned in one class. It is a learning process that must be practiced, critiqued, and studied time and time again to be perfected. As stated by my wife, a master’s level graduate student, even she continues to have difficulty constructing grammatically correct compositions when writing formal papers. Throughout this semester, I feel as though I have struggled to meet the standards required by the course, due to the vast amount of time since I last took an English course. Until this class, I had not written a paper in eight years. Formal writing is complex and must be applied frequently in order for a person to maintain the skills needed to be an effective writer. After taking this course, I feel confident in my skills and abilities as an entry level writer. Although my grades did not increase throughout the duration of the course, my level of understanding and knowledge about formal writing did.
The first paper written in this course asked the writer to describe specific instances throughout their life where they felt like they had altered the atmosphere around them. At first, I was very overwhelmed by this topic and had no idea
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My feedback on this assignment was very troubling and contradicting in my opinion so I am unsure how I feel about the assignment overall. Rudeness was a great topic of research and I found it very interesting to investigate. There is no doubt it is an emerging area of concern in our society. This assignment challenged me to incorporate my own thoughts with those of others who have done investigative research in the field while also integrating personal life experiences into the paper. This assignment was an interesting learning experience, however in my chosen field of study, electrical technology, I do not believe research writing is a skill I will be using

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