Reflection On Writing With Style

While there are people who love to read and write, there are others that do not. When a student is required to read a book for a class and that student does not enjoy reading, there are very few things they would rather do less. And when that book’s topic is about learning how to write that is the worst of it. When I was assigned to read Writing with Style by John R. Trimble, my immediate thought was that this book and assignment was going to be a struggle to get through. To my pleasant surprise, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Writing with Style provides the reader with a wide range of writing tips while being written in a fun, conversational style. This book provides easy to find writing tools that can be understood by people of varying…show more content…
Trimble included a chapter “Openers” which focused on creating interesting and elaborate openers for any type of writing. Creating openers with depth and complexity is a skill I have struggled mastering my entire writing career. I was always taught to start with my introductory paragraph and thesis. It was always difficult to start the essay and once the first paragraph was completed the rest was easier to write. My introductory paragraphs always lacked in complexity which was not a good thing. “…quality of an opener tends to forecast what follows” and in my case, the forecast was always cloudy and boring (Trimble 24). From reading this book I want to be able to amplify my openers by making a strong impact on the reader to attract their attention. To do this, I plan on implementing Trimble’s strategy of writing bold openers with concrete ideas in order to climax toward the thesis statement and the rest of the essay as a whole. I have always noticed that when I am not confident in what I am writing I tend to generalize my ideas and topics to the point where my thesis also begins to get muddled. Trimble focuses on the fact that a strong thesis is needed to create the foundations for a strong essay. He says “the simpler the better” when writing a thesis. What I took from this is that he doesn’t want the reader to create a simple thesis, no, he wants the reader the write a concise, well thought out thesis hits all the main points in the shorter amount of sentences. This allows the writer less space to generalize a bland thesis which in turn creates a more focused
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