Reflection Of Leadership: An Overview Of Personal Leadership

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Personal Leadership Overview "You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you 're not passionate enough from the start, you 'll never stick it out” (Steve Jobs). Reading that quote there is one word that really sticks out and says something to me; passionate. To be or to become the greatest leader in whatever field you’re into, if there is no passion in the work or goal you’re trying to achieve, you’ll never be able to stick it out or grow/prosper in the end. Just like the quote above from Steve Jobs states. Coming into EAD 315 I felt I had a very decent core ability of leadership. I’ve been in many leadership positions and looking back on them I feel I’ve only really strived when they have to do with athletics. A huge goal of mine is to really stretch that ability to no matter what position I am in I can strive and accomplish whatever needs to be done. Looking back at the goals I created for myself at the beginning of the semester they seemed very basic and something I wasn’t so true about. I wanted to get good grades and get my degree in the field of study I wanted. Now looking and thinking about them I can see the big picture. I can’t be that person that just goes through the motions and goes with the flow through my four…show more content…
I graduated with a class of ninny-nine kids and now I have a Math lecture with four-hundred kids. This class didn’t only help me with my leadership skills but it helped me learn and really help my final transition of being apart of such a huge community. Learning how to become a better leader helped me become a better person in general. It can be as small as giving someone a complement on a good deed they did or something as big as changing a person’s life around for the better. Knowing that the way you use certain nouns can really have an impact on people. Something you don’t think twice about can have an effect on someone for
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