Enhancing Writing Skills: A Journey in Pace University

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Writing is an important and useful way to communicate with people. Without an essential writing skill, people may have difficulty communicating with others. In Pace University, English Department focuses on improving students writing by adding a workshop class to improve students ' writing. Over the course of the semester, I have learned a better technique and tips from Professor Boylan, reading an essay from authors and class discussion. Writing had always been one of my weaknesses, but it was challenging to take that initial step past high school. When I am first taking English 120, I have decided to take all the help that are available to minimize grammar mistakes, better sentence structures, and better vocabularies usage. Reading an article or essay before every class improves my vocabulary usage, Doing discourse community essay shows me a way to express my feeling about being …show more content…

In discourse community essay, I decided to talk about the struggles that I had to face when I moved to New York. When I was writing this essay, I had no idea how to fix an essay to make a better essay, so Professor Boylan suggested me to go to writing center. Writing Center taught me a rereading technique, which helped me fix my grammar mistakes immediately. By rereading what I wrote before helped me fix my grammar mistakes instantly. After a session with the tutor, I had an idea about what difficulty I had to face to be in the United States.In my paper, I wrote about how difficult it was when I learned many different languages and had to stop using my mother tongue to adjust to Average American life. Using an English every day improves me in my writing and when I communicate with people in daily life. Making writing center visits helped me eliminate my grammar mistakes and taught me how important rereading technique can improve my writing. Grammar is one of the most important things in writing an

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