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Summative Statement I did not set out to be a teacher nor did I set out to be a leader but today I am both a teacher and a leader in educational technology. Through my studies in the Educational Technology program at the University of Alaska Southeast I have created a solid foundation for that leadership role. My portfolio shows what I have learned in educational technology and my growth as a technology leader. Each artifact was chosen to emphasize what I believe is most important in education for me. They show my commitment to professional growth, my dedication in supporting student learning, and my belief in the strength of collaboration. Early on in my career as a teacher I learned the value of professional growth for myself. This took the form of professional development that I gained from conferences I attended and grants I was awarded. I also knew that I could share what I learned with others within my school and presenting at conferences. As an educational technology leader I use the knowledge and skills gained from my university classes in providing professional develop...

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