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Reconstruction was in many ways a failed attempt at rebuilding America. The aftershocks of this era will have lasting effects on the American society for centuries to come. This period was intended to stitch America back together after the ravages of the Civil War. U.S. History describes it as: “although the military conflict had ended, Reconstruction was in many ways still a war” (“Reconstruction”). Instead of uniting again, this time period drove the North and the South further apart. The North sought liberation and equality for the former slaves, whereas the South so desperately clung to their way of life where African Americans were just the dirt on the bottom of a shoe. It has taken centuries to make everyone equal. We all may be equal …show more content…

More specifically, the pieces of legislation that came from the Reconstruction era. Immediately following the Civil War, “the Freedmen’s Bureau was established… by Congress to help former black slaves and poor whites in the South…[by] providing food, housing and medical aid, establishing schools, and offering legal assistance” ( Staff “Freedmen’s Bureau” 2010). The bureau was aimed at helping former slaves get on their feet and make a life for themselves. However, it was very difficult for the Bureau to accomplish housing because “most of the confiscated or abandoned Confederate land was eventually restored to the original owners” ( Staff “Freedmen’s Bureau 2010). The owners did not want to give their land to African Americans, so the Freedmen’s Bureau had a challenging time trying to help them with housing, ultimately holding back their advancement. The Freedmen’s Bureau was supposed to make everything better, and they were trying their hardest, but most of the South still believed that they were not good enough to be a recognized part of society. Decades of civil unrest, Supreme Court cases, and civil rights acts once again leaves African Americans at the bottom of the metaphorical totem pole. As an apology for poor treatment in years past, legislation was passed so that African Americans today cannot be discriminated against in terms …show more content…

There were so many freed slaves in the South that they outnumbered the whites. Fear can lead humans to do desperate things, so people were treated horribly for the sake of white supremacy. It is so depressing to see the way people thought back then. They believed that people with a skin color other than white were not accepted into the American society, and never would be. This has stood the test of time, and it is still an issue we battle with today. The lasting impact that minorities face today is a weird look when walking by someone because that person thinks they might steal something, complete shock when someone learns that they have a college education, and any kind of stereotype that anyone could ever think of. As a society, we are nowhere near as accepting and openminded as we think we are. There are plenty of people who believe in the year 2017 that interracial couples should not marry and bear children. This is not something that we are open about, and to be frank, we seem to be content about where we are and do not think it needs any changing. All of this ultimately stems from the slavery of African Americans, but the Reconstruction era made it okay for people who look different than everyone else to be treated like dirt. In order for everyone to be truly equal, life needs to be in black and white. Race does not matter,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that reconstruction was a failed attempt at rebuilding america after the ravages of the civil war. it drove the north and the south further apart.
  • Analyzes how the abolition of slavery and the ku klux klan have stymied the american society.
  • Explains how a poorly implemented plan originally intended to assist the victims of slavery impacted the american governmental system.
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