Reasons For The Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Explain the reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour and its impact.
The decision that should Japan have had attacked Pearl Harbour has divided many historians and it is still debated today. Pearl Harbour was a strategic point, located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Its strategic point would have indefinitely helped the Empire of Japan in succeeding world domination. As well as this Pearl harbour was a suitable location for an offence, to seize the US from interfering with Japans expanding Empire. The attack was also a ‘revenge tactic’ to stop the US from growing, and becoming a more feared nation. Despite these arguments, Pearl harbour was a difficult and daring location for an offensive, and therefore it was not a reasonable decision
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Consequently, Pearl Harbour was a preferred target to attack in order to retaliate the United States. The signing of the Tripartite Treaty with Germany further fuelled Japan’s aggression towards the United States. The Japanese had planned the attack in mind that if the US did engage in war, they would have struggled fighting two fronts. “The causes of the attack on Pearl Harbor stemmed from intensifying Japanese-American rivalry in the Pacific. Japan’s imperial ambitions had been evident from as early as 1931 when she invaded Manchuria.” The United States contribution towards aiding countries in relationships with them accordingly resulted in the attack on Pearl Harbour. At homeland Japan, the Japanese people sought that if the Japanese forces took out America’s naval forces at Pearl Harbour, it would have resulted in no immediate attack on Japan and would have created further havoc for the United States. As a result, Pearl harbour had to inevitably be…show more content…
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