Pacific Ocean Essays

  • Vanuatu: A Series of 83 Islands in the Pacific Ocean

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    located of the coast of Australia-Oceania. Vanuatu is rich with resources. Their working on fixing their economy. They have a very interesting culture. The geography of this country is very intriguing. Vanuatu is a series of 83 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the country’s land is located in twelve of these islands, where the other islands are very little in size. The islands have several mountains and are heavily forested. Vanuatu has nine volcanos, including Yasur, one of the world’s most

  • Pacific Ocean Pollution

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    is mostly made of 70% of water which leaves us 30% of land. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world. It surrounds the islands and continents of North and South America, Australia, Antarctica, and Asia. Water pollution is an appalling problem we have in the Pacific Coastal region that can affect all who lives by it. Because the Pacific Ocean has huge amounts of garbage pollution, that is not all that is polluting our oceans. A simple car wash does lead

  • The Catastrophic Impact of Rising Oceans on the Pacific Islands

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    The Catastrophic Impact of Rising Oceans on the Pacific Islands All over the world indigenous communities are faced with an array of new problems, though the public continues to gain insight into the lives of these people they continue to be marginalized in the global arena as well. The Pacific Islands are an entity far removed from the minds of most westerners. The primary focus of any political discourse within the United States places most emphasis on Australia and New Zealand ignoring the

  • Ferdinand Magellan's Ape To Cross The Pacific Ocean

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    Between the 1400-1700s there were many voyages throughout the world, but only one person was the first to cross the Pacific Ocean. Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean and discovered what is known today as “Strait of Magellan”. Ferdinand Magellan was born in the year 1480 in Portugal. Both of Magellan’s parents were part of the Portuguese nobility, meaning their status was high and they were well known. After his parent’s death, Magellan and his brother became servants

  • Informative Speech On Polynean Navigators

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    Who first discovered, explored and settled in the pacific Namaskaram and Ni sa bula vinaka. Sincere greeting to Miss Betty. I would like to welcome you on the journey of who first discovered, explored and settled the pacific island. The Pacific Ocean which is the largest ocean in the earth, covering 165.2 million square km. larger than all the lands combined. “over 1000 years ago, the islands of Polynesia were explored and settled by the navigators who used only the waves, the stars and the flights

  • Balboa, a Spanish conqueror and explorer

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    the coast of the Pacific Ocean. He saw the ocean in September of 1513, from the top of a mountain of what is now Panama. On September 29, 1523, Balboa claimed it and all its shores for Spain. His findings opened Spanish explorations and conquests along the western coast of South America began. The Spanish called the ocean the South Sea because it lay south of the isthmus of Panama. In 1520 a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan sailed through it and named it the Pacific, meaning peaceful

  • Native American History: The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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    journey to the Pacific. This expedition was extremely important for the new nation because on their journey, the Corps of Discovery did find a water route to the Pacific Ocean. They documented and cataloged the geography, as well as new flora and fauna they encountered, resulting in an extensive journal of new scientific information. They also established diplomatic and trade relations with the Native American Tribes they encountered along the way. The water route to the Pacific Ocean The Corps of

  • Ferdinand Magellan

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    The best maps available had convinced Magellan that he could reach the Spice Islands by sailing south of South America. Magellan beleived such a route would be shorter than the eastward voyage around the southern tip of Africa and across the Indian Ocean. However, Manuel disliked Magellan and refused to support the proposed voyage.

  • Does America have a Throw Away Society?

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    Since 1955, after Life magazine named it so, the United States of America has been called “The Throwaway Society.” In the United States, society is based on the principal of convenience. In every aspect of life, Americans seek to maximize their output while minimizing their input. Americans buy fast food so that they can eat without the burden of grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning up. Americans get their clothes dry cleaned so that they do not have to worry about the burden of washing, drying

  • James Cook Research Paper

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    Mapping James Cook was not the one to map out the Pacific Ocean, nor the first one to discover New Zealand and Australia. In fact, the map of the Pacific was finished for the most part by the 18th century. However, he was the first one to circumnavigate the southern continents, and complete the map of the Pacific by perfecting the map of the continent. The history of cartography in the Pacific dates back to B.C., where Romans made regional maps. Civilizations continued to create more comprehensive

  • Pearl Binder's Treasure Island: The Collonization Of The Colonization Of Ocean Island

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    The forgotten people of Ocean Island, the Banabans, had their island mined away from under them and had their island taken from them during World War II. They have transformed their culture into a whole new way and continue to live in the hope that one day they can live the way that their ancestors once did. This is the case of many places around the world that have been colonized. Colonization is not beneficial to developing countries because it brings diseases, it overthrows traditions, it upsets

  • Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

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    In Life of Pi by Yann Martel, the main character, Pi Patel, demonstrates a variety of his traits throughout his journey across the Pacific Ocean in a lifeboat with a tiger. Pi shows his courage against the situation that he is facing and changes his relationship with the Richard Parker. This is symbolized by an image of a fist punching through a wall, tied with a tiger. In chapter 37, the ship sinks; Pi sees Richard Parker drowning, instead being concern about his safety, he tries to safe it. After

  • The Inspiration that is Sweeping the Nation: Marianas Trench

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    Marianas Trench is not only the deepest known spot in the ocean; it is also a Vancouver-based rock band. The band consists of guitarist Matt Webb, bassist Mike Ayley, drummer Ian Casselman, and lead singer Josh Ramsay. Marianas Trench has had major success in Canada and is now moving towards the United States of America (USA). Originally, the band Marianas Trench was called Ramsay Fiction. Marianas Trench contributed a song, Alibis, to the spring 2007 soundtrack for ABC Family's sci-fi show

  • Polynesian Expansion

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    The expansion of Polynesia across the Pacific occurred a long time ago, which historians believe took more than over 2000 years for Polynesian expansion to arise and cover a massive amount of the Pacific region. The arrival of first Polynesians in New Zealand, were from the South Pacific and were the first to discover the subcontinent of New Zealand. Polynesian explorers had settled into New Zealand by the thirteenth century, arriving during the year approximately 1280. Most of the Polynesian settlement

  • Did Polynesians Arrive From Peru? Thor Heyerdahl ´s Theory

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    come from South America instead of Asia as was commonly thought by scientists then, and the next, he finds himself out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a wooden raft with five other men and a parrot trying to prove his hypothesis true. To prove that Polynesians could have originated from South America, Heyerdahl built and sailed across the Pacific Ocean on a man-made raft from South America to Polynesia. Though there had already been a widely accepted theory on how the Polynesians had arrived

  • Peru Or Biru

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    Bolivia to the east, and finally Chile and Bolivia to the south and to the west lies the Pacific Ocean. In Peru you can find anything from steaming jungles to creeping glaciers, Peru, hugging South America's west coast, wraps its borders around dramatically varied geography with elicits varied cultures. A little smaller than Alaska, Peru has coastal deserts so dry that no one there has ever recorded rain. The oceans are so chilled from the Arctic surfers should forget, mountains so new that they're still

  • Argumentative Essay On Christopher Columbus

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    Christopher Columbus. Amerigo Vespucci. Vasco de Gama. We remember these famous names because they were explorers, pioneering souls who crossed the oceans to seek out new people and places. In our minds, we can almost see these men in that age of discovery, commanding their massive, sturdy ships with huge sails full of wind and mighty ocean waves crashing against the sides. There is, however, another name that we remember from this time, and he was no explorer. Why do we remember

  • Summary of Life of Pi by Yann Martel

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    The novel, Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, is about a young boy, Pi, and his survival on a lifeboat drifting in the Pacific Ocean. It is written in three sections, the second part, spanning from chapters 37 to 94, concerns the events on the lifeboat and what Pi experiences. This part contrasts part 1 as Pi is not alone, the only human, left to dwell in his own thoughts and be self-sufficient. Whereas in part 1, Pi is living in India, surrounded by his family and friends, not alone in the slightest.

  • Joseph Campbell Myth: Pacific Rim Movie Review

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    Pacific Rim is a movie that is based on an American science fiction. The film take place in the year 2020, when earth is at war with the kajuis, gigantic monster emerged from an inter dimensional portal on the floor of the pacific ocean. To combat against these monsters, humanity unites to create a Jagger : humanoid mecha. The story follows Raleigh Becket a ex-pilot of the jaeger whom lost his brother to the kajuis while fighting together in a mecha. He retired, but later he was hired by a general

  • Sir Francis Drake

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    Sir Francis Drake Sir Francis Drake is known for England's defeat of the Spanish Armada. He was a sea dog and he sailed around the world. Drake was actually the first one to sail around the world since Magellan died in his journey. Drake was a "sea dog" during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first. And as everyone knows this is a good time to be a sea dog because the queen highly supported them. She gave him money and ships to raid the Spanish shipping. Drake was the most feared sea dog in