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Andre and Schneider’s 2004 article states some of the major differences between the academic and workplace writings. The academic writing is mainly written by the students to earn grades and the audience is usually their instructors in that class (Andre and Schneider, 2004). Writing in workplace setting requires the knowledge of context that is required at the job level as well as they have wide range of audiences. The writing in workplace is usually more concise and focuses on the main ideas; whereas the academic writing can be more detailed oriented. There are many different genres of writing in workplace. It can be short and to the point as in form of emails, short messages and can be more detailed as in official reports and presentations. The past experience from one of my summer jobs where emails are common form of communication. Emails were directed towards supervisors as well as coworkers. The difference in writing in email depends on the audience. The writing involved being more concise and easy to understand for anyone working in the business. The challenge of such writing is that it was assumed that audience is well aware of the subject matter. The technical language used was not meant for naïve users. The other form of workplace writing was writing down the meeting minutes and summarizing and forwarding it to everyone who might have missed it. This involved more details regarding the context of the meeting as well as background knowledge of the subject in discussion. These meeting minutes were addressed for both the fellow employees as well as the supervisors. Therefore contained multiple information settings for the audience and some information were not relevant to their job. It is important to understand what sho... ... middle of paper ... ...ed to benefit the organization in future. The needs of upper managements are also taken in account where several factors such as environment, cost and time plays role. There are some expectations that are same in work and academic settings. It can be related to the time management for creating documents in both the circumstances. Where academically it will penalize your grade in that course and if not fulfilled at work it can even impact your job. It is very important to what context and what expectations one has to follow in both the circumstances. The writing involved for both academic and workplace has several differences with certain similarities as well. These writings have to meet the standards and expectations in both situations. They have to be precise and clear about the thoughts of the writer that any reader is able to read and understand them easily.

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