Pyramids In Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt is a wonderful land Full of mystery.It is filled with mummys, treasure and tomb robbers.The world we live in today is impacted by ancient Egypt.Three inspiring topics are the types of pyramids ,the mummy’s afterlife and the tomb robbers. Ancient Egypt better helps us understand the world of today.

Starting with the first dynasty it became the custom for the kings of Egypt to be buried beneath a structure known as a mastaba. “A mastaba is a rectangular mud-brick tomb with a flat roof and sloping sides.” In many ways it resembled a village house.”(pg 47) The very word mastaba is arabic for “bench.”Some of the mastaba of the first and second dynasty were very grand.

In the third dynasty the egyptians gained more power and wealth. They wanted a way to show off their great power and wealth, so they built pyramids, pyramids were huge pointed stone structures. Pyramids contained rooms full of treasure and secret passageways. The first pyramid was the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, built for King Zoser around 2750 B.C. “The step pyramid was the only one of its kind, it was an amazing improvement from the mastaba.” ( pg 49)

Soon enough Egyptians came up with the Great pyramid, which was bigger than step pyramids and mastabas. The Great pyramids were built for emperors and kings. They were located in the flat desert sands at the Giza and they were built around 2584 BC. The tall pyramids did not stand alone in the desert. They were surrounded by an assortment of lesser buildings, including small pyramids, mastabas and temples.

Egyption people believed When a person died, they would continue their journey into the Afterlife. “While the dead person was being prepared, the family went i...

... middle of paper ... how much the people of Egypt tried to protect the mummies from tomb robbers, it almost never worked.

One of the things that most tomb robbers stole waas gold. They did this because gold was a great demand in Egypt. People have numerous reasons why tomb robbers stole. Some tombs robbers stole worthy items to earn a lot of money. Others stole valuable items to put in their tomb. We could have learned a lot from the mummies if the tomb robbers had not damaged them while robbing.

Ancient Egypt was a glorious civilization which lasted thousands of years.
Ancient Egypt was a very important time in our time period.They had their own way of life.Egypt had a very complex society which has given us many advances in modern day and opened doors for the world. Ancient Egypt may be long gone but it still holds undiscovered secrets to many of life's mysteries even today.
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