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According to the ancient Pharaohs believes the mummification was done because the mummified body is the key for the dead man to get to the afterlife and any mistake that leads to the wreckage of the body, the dead person will lose his chance to get to the afterlife. (The British Museum, 2007) If the body of a person was wrecked, he would lose his chance to get the afterlife. For such a reason, so much effort was put in the mummification process to make sure that the body is well protected, especially for the rich pharaohs that have paid a big amount of money for the mummification process. (Burial of the Mummy, 2009) The pharaohs paid so much attention for the mummification process. For example, Khufu, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, spent nearly twenty years building a pyramid as his tomb to protect his mummified body and to assure that he will arrive to the afterlife peacefully. (Smithsonian, 2012) When a king in ancient Egypt die, a great amount of effort was put in is funeral and mummification process, whereas when poor or middle class people died, nobody cared about their death except his family and he had an ordinary funeral. (, 2009)
According to the ancient Egyptians believes there were six aspects of life. The first is the physical body which is the body of the person. The second is the shadow there is no shadow if there is no physical body. The third is the name which in ancient Egypt was put as soon as the baby is born. The fourth is the KA which is the spirit or the soul. The fifth is the BA which is the personality. Finally the sixth is the AKH which is the immorality. In ancient Egypt, one can have all of them as soon as he is born except the AKH which can be obtained after death, if and only ...

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... woman means that she will hit her head in the ground, grab her hair, cry very loudly and sometimes a woman cut her clothes off. (Tomorad, 2009) Others who were less fortunate were not able to make such wasteful ceremonies. Instead, most middle class and poor citizens of Egypt had ordinary funerals. Furthermore, most of their money went to the mummification process.
The mummification process was very important in ancient Egypt. The rich pharaohs cared a lot about their mummification process, their funeral and their tombs. They did all what they could do to get the fanciest funeral and tomb. Some of their tombs were built out of mud brick or sometimes even stone. However, the poor citizens in ancient Egypt didn’t have as fancy funerals as the pharaohs had. They concentrated on their mummification process and that’s where most of their money went after their death.

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