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Ancient Egyptian Art: The Reasoning Behind Burying the Dead with Treasure. Scholars, artists, and educators have always been great admirers of ancient Egyptian art; however, the notion that art is just made to function as art was non-existent in ancient Egypt times. Every artifact that has been found was created for a purpose and to serve as something figuratively or symbolically within the ancient Egyptian culture. Specifically, the treasures that are frequently found within an Egyptian tomb are the most elaborate and meaningful. The ancient Egyptians had an intricate tradition of burial customs that they believed were required to ensure their reincarnation after death. The ancient Egyptians had a very complex polytheistic religion that played an enormous importance within their culture. They developed funerary concepts based off of their polytheistic beliefs. Everything the ancient Egyptians had done in their lives dictates whether or not they will achieve the ability to become reincarnated. To help reinsure that they reach the afterlife; they surround themselves with objects that help them on their journey after death. There is an entire process of the body becoming mummified before it is even placed in the tomb with these funerary objects. There are two stages to the process of mummification (example of Egyptian mummy above). When an important figure has passed, they need to embalm the body. The body is washed with palm wine and then rinsed with water from the Nile River. Next, an incision is made and the organs are removed, washed in natron, and placed into sacred jars called canopic jars (example in photo below). A large hook is used to remove the brain through a nostril. The body is then covered and stuffed with natro... ... middle of paper ... ... changed. They became known as Hem (servants or slaves) and were meant to help fulfill all of the duties in which the deceased had to do while on his journey to the afterlife. Multiple ushabtis would be packed into sacred boxes inside the tomb. There is no doubt that scholars, artists, and educators remain undoubtedly amazed by the immense collection of treasures that are consistently found within ancient Egyptians tombs. There is true meaning and history behind each artifact that has been found; collectors still see these priceless items as art, and many forget that they once served the main purpose in the afterlife. Everything in the ancient Egyptian culture was meant to serve their highest deities and gods. They created treasures to ensure that their lives would mean something, and many forget to reflect on the purpose of art or an object in general.
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