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When Egyptian architects learned of the burial mounds of royals of the past it sparked a historic event that created the largest stone structures in the Neolithic age. The pharaohs and people of Egypt were completely engrossed with the thought of death and the thought of being reincarnated. They created these monuments to themselves to become like gods. The construction of the pyramids were more impressive then the monument itself with the height of 60 meters and a width of 120 meters by 180 meters wide.

The pyramids were built for the pharaohs and some priests in Egypt. The building of the pyramids was based on their religion where the pharaohs were reincarnations of gods and that their souls were immortal. The building of the pyramids were carefully planned and constructed. The Egyptians religion is a large part of the construction of the pyramids. In Egyptian history, pharaohs created the connection between the followers and the gods. When the pharaoh begins his/her rule they start to plan their pyramid. The reason the pyramids were created, was to become a door way for the ph...
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