Psychology: My Personal Philosophy Of Counseling Psychology

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Counseling psychology is a specialized sub-group within the field of professional psychology. Counseling psychologist holds a doctoral degree in counseling psychology. In order to practice, a counseling psychologist is certified by a state board of psychology in the United States.

Typically, counseling psychologists in training follow a training model that emphasizes didactic instruction, practical experience, research, and supervision. This training prepares the Counseling Psychologist to provide a variety of services to individuals and groups across the lifespan. Counseling psychology professionals work in a variety of settings including: private practice, hospital settings, community settings, military organizations, forensic settings, …show more content…

Every client is unique, and regardless of the theoretical approach, I believe that the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor is critical.

As a counselor, the therapeutic relationship should be the main focus. It can be suggested that the most effective therapy begins with a warm and genuine relationship between the client and counselor. This relationship should be collaborative and based on respect, positive regard, acceptance, etc. Active listening skills, patience, empathy, and consistency represent some of the fundamental elements of establishing rapport.

With respect to practice, I consider both the present and the future to be the main foci. While we all may be affected by our pasts, it is not a certainty that our pasts must determine how define our present and/or future selves. Reference and reflection on the past may be useful in that it might provide background information, permit the client to process previous experiences in order to inform present or future goals, etc. It is also important consider whether or not reflection may help clients change the way they feel about the past, to build upon past experiences, or to recall and recognize past experiences in which they have demonstrated strength, and to consider their application in the present and/or

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